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Expat Coaching

In this global economy, more and more companies are using foreign specialists to fill critical positions and more and more entrepreneurs are expanding their businesses abroad.

Being an expat employee or entrepreneur presents a lot of challenges to overcome.  Research shows that most of the attrition experienced by companies in this area is due to the difficulty in adapting to a new environment past the initial company support.

The problem is compounded when the expat employee or entrepreneur’s spouse or partner is unable to adapt to the new environment.  Research again shows that lack of spouse or partner’s adaptability to be the number one cause of expat assignment failure.

All of this comes at an enormous cost, both financial and otherwise, to both companies and individuals.

Being an expat herself and having successfully navigated the challenges of first being an employee and then an entrepreneur in New York City, Denise is especially qualified to assist new expats to settle and thrive in a new country.  Denise not only brings her personal cultural experience but also her professional training and expertise to helping expats flourish – as she has herself – in their new environment.

Denise has been an invaluable assistance in helping me develop existing accounts and generate leads as a free lance marketing consultant in the French food industry in New York, Florida and California.” 
Valerie B., Marketing Consultant


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