Free Coaching Offer in Covid-19 Crisis

Thankfully, the economy has started to reopen but there is still a lot of uncertainty and challenges in this crisis we’re all going through. That is why I am renewing my free coaching offer to those of you who may feel they need support and motivation in going through this still stressful time.

Coaching helps us stay focused, build resilience and harness the strengths that are in all of us to overcome this crisis and move forward in this rapidly changing world.

With extensive experience as a coach and previously as CEO of a successful IT consulting company, I am offering to coach individuals, free of charge and on a first come first served basis, for six sessions once a week. For whatever it is worth, I am also a business owner survivor of 9/11, which is pertinent to what people are now going through.

Here's how to register:

Click on the link below and I will contact you to schedule the six free sessions on a first come first served basis.

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