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Free Coaching Offer in COVID-19 Crisis

Terms & conditions

  1. Your participation is voluntary.  You may choose to stop at any time.
  1. The six individual or group sessions will be free of charge for this limited time only.
  1. Any personal information shared by the participants is to be kept confidential by the coach and by the participants to the extent permitted by law (i.e if you express you may harm yourself or others)
  1. Resources, materials and/or exercises shared in the individual or group sessions are for your personal use only and may not be copied or redistributed in any way.
  1. The coach has the right to terminate or remove any participant from the individual or group sessions if their conduct is not conducive to the scope of this particular coaching offer.
  1. If a participant expresses a need outside of the scope of coaching, the coach may refer them to a professional therapist.
  1. By registering for this free individual or group coaching offer, I understand and consent to the above terms & conditions.

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